How is your dough made?

Our dough is made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients found in most kitchens. Although each component is edible, the play dough will be quite salty to taste and is not meant to be eaten. The dough is taste safe in the event a small amount is ingested. The soft and pliable consistency is maintained with a small-batch method of producing. Some doughs contain glitter or sprinkles, which are inedible, but do not contain sugar and will not compromise the dough.

How do I keep the dough fresh?

The dough comes tightly protected in plastic wrap. Once opened, store the dough in provided zipper bag, squeezing out any extra air. In addition, the dough will keep fresher longer if it can be wrapped soon after play is done to reduce the exposure to air. Prolonged air exposure can dry out the dough. If salt crystals form, or the dough ever feels gritty, add a drop or two of water at a time, kneading in well, until desired consistency of softness and pliability is reached again. Please do not mix food into the dough.

 Will my dough last forever?

Unfortunately, like most products made from natural ingredients, the dough will not last forever. Keeping your dough fresh by following the tips noted above will help maintain and increase the life of the dough.

Kit and Jar Contents

The kits and jars are made up of items that were carefully curated to support a theme. Items may vary slightly (color or type) from the photos, but are always of the same value and quantity.

Warning: choking hazard. Kits
& jars contain small pieces. Not suitable for children under 3. Adult supervision required.

Play Suggestions 

Although we are confident your child will demonstrate his or her creative genius upon opening a kit or jar, we offer the following suggestions to get you started:
⋄Items can be used to create scenes, stories, displays, play hide and seek in the dough, and anything else you can imagine!
⋄Items can be reconfigured such as a pipe cleaner can become a dog leash (Dog kit or jar) or used to catch a fish (Ocean kit or jar)!
⋄The dough can be a base for your scene or it can be molded into shapes for your scene!
⋄With two or more kits or jars, items can be interchanged to design new and different themes
⋄Items you have at home can also be added

Cleaning Up

The dough is very easy to clean! After wrapping up the dough as noted before, washing the play surface requires only wiping with a damp sponge or cloth. If the dough has dried and hardened, use a bit more water and some light scrubbing. If dough becomes stuck onto carpet or clothing, let it dry and brush out. The dough is water soluble so it should wash out of clothing in the washing machine.


Orders may be picked up at the Mix it Up Dough HQ located in Flower Mound, TX 75028. Orders are typically fulfilled within 2 business days, after which you will be notified by email that your order is ready for pickup. Please pickup orders within two days.

Local Delivery

Should you prefer delivery of your order rather than pickup, delivery is offered for $5.00 for locations within 15 miles of the Mix it Up Dough HQ in 75028. For local delivery, select “Ship” as your Delivery Method and you will be able to select “Local Delivery” on the following page. Once your order has been received, it is typically fulfilled within 2 business days. Please allow one additional business day for delivery.
Delivery orders will be placed near the front door and wrapped accordingly in the event or expectation of inclement weather. An email will be sent to the email on the order indicating that the order has been delivered.


USPS shipping is available at $7.95 per order with free shipping offered for orders of $75 and over. Once your order has been received, it is typically fulfilled and dropped off to our shipping partner within 2 business days.


If you receive the wrong item or there is something missing or defective, we will correct the issue, but we do not offer refunds. Due to the nature of dough and the impurities that develop once the dough and individual kits and jars are opened, they cannot be returned. This is for everyone’s safety. We also cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards. We strive to make every customer happy, therefore, kindly contact us if there is a concern. For more information regarding refunds, please click the “Refund Policy” link at the bottom of our website.