Meet Mix it Up Dough

Mix it Up Dough was started out of a need for one mom to drink hot coffee, eat a whole lunch sitting down, and fold the laundry without piles going back on the floor.

Play dough kits became the go to activity because the kids played independently, loved creating and imagining, and were always coming up with new ideas to reignite their interest!

Kat’s three boys love playing with play dough, but in the past, most of the time they needed help (that darn spaghetti maker!), the dough was too hard for little hands, dried out quickly, crumbled on the floor, and just didn’t hold their attention very long.

Then one day, the older boys started jamming random toys and cars into the dough and magic happened! Their creativity and imagination led their play while they constructed little worlds, created cool designs & landscapes, and made treats! Independent and interactive play suddenly took over our kitchen table daily.

Kat ended up with more time to get her needs met and her kids were happy and having fun! And now with a custom dough recipe, Kat and Grammie Emily can't resist getting some dough kit time in too!

We hope these theme kits bring the same endless fun, energy, and happiness into your home as it has ours!

Meet Kat & Emily

Kat is a wife and mom of three living in the North Dallas area of Texas. With three boys under 5 years old, her days are fun, hectic, and wild! Cole and Henry love doing arts & crafts, sensory bins, building, and setting up imaginary worlds.

Play dough kits became such a fun and interactive way to combine all of these activities into one! Kat even started noticing that both boys were flourishing while learning to play independently. Easy to store, easy to clean up, and tons of fun for everyone (except when my kids ruin my creations for fun!)! We now play with our kits daily!

Baby Reid can't wait to join in on the fun with his very own toddler kit one day!


Emily is a mom of three girls and a grandmother of three boys! She grew up in New York and now lives in Texas near Kat and her family. She also has a daughter in Tacoma and a daughter in New York City.

When her girls were growing up, play dough was only a monthly activity because the consistency of the store-bought dough led to messes galore and dough ground into rugs and clothes. When we perfected a dough that was soft, pliable and didn’t crumble it was a game changer for Emily and she now loves doing play dough activities with her grandsons!