New Ways to Play | Part 2

Texture Hunt!

play dough patterns things around the house

This new way to play with your Mix it Up Dough play dough starts with a fun hunt for objects and toys around the house! Tell your child to look for items that have texture, a pattern, or a cool shape. Collect the items and bring them to your work space.

Start by rolling or pushing your play dough as smoothly as possible. You can use this as an opportunity to discuss how the rolling pin or your hands can make the dough flat and explain that the texture is smooth.

Next, pick one of the items they found and have them press it into the dough. When it's pulled it up, see what pattern or texture it creates. Try different levels of pressure to see if the texture changes. Continue to do this with each object as many times as you'd like. Re-roll the play dough smooth if you run out of room!

Which object had your child's favorite texture? 


Items We Used

We had a lot of luck finding exciting and different textures in our play kitchen! Our favorite texture was definitely the pretend pile of peas - so many little dots that looked & felt really neat!

  • Fork
  • Reusable straw 
  • Toy car
    • The wheels made tracks and were also textured - double win!
  • Pretend food
    • Peas
    • Carrots
    • Corn on the cob
  • Lego pieces
  • Small dipping cup
  • And of course a rolling pin for smoothness!
    • We've linked our favorite set here


play dough pattern forkplay dough texture straw
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