New Ways to Play | Part 1

Repurposing Your Mix it Up Dough Kit

Have a Mix it Up Dough Kit but want a break from play dough or waiting on a fresh batch to arrive? Easily extend the life of your child’s kit by changing out the sensory base!

It’s as simple as swapping out the play dough for a different sensory material such as kinetic sand, rice, corn kernels, chickpeas, or dry beans!

farm sensory play beans


Kinetic sand can be found in numerous big box stores, as well as on Amazon.

The cheapest way to buy the dry goods listed above is from any grocery that carries ingredients in bulk. I frequent Sprouts for our sensory play needs. WinCo and Central Market are also two local places that carry bulk dry ingredients.

You can also dye rice or chickpeas with food coloring & vinegar to match the theme if you desire! All you need to do is pour it into a bag with a splash of vinegar and few drops of food coloring, seal the bag, then shake and mix it around. Once the color has coated everything, spread it on a sheet pan and allow it to air dry.

Side note: Other sensory mediums can be a bit messier, so always be prepared with a washable mat and a broom or vacuum for when you are done!


sensory play rice sensory play chick pea base
farm sensory play base corn kernelsjungle sensory base rice
Do you have a favorite sensory base? Other than play dough, I'm a huge corn kernel fan - so smooth and fun! Let us know what you try!
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