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Our family has been KiwiCo fans for years! We started getting the Koala Crate line with our son around the time he turned 2. When our second son was born, we started subscribing to the Panda Crate line as well. Both of them would get so excited when their packages arrive on our doorstep every month.

After our initial 12 month subscription, we began asking grandparents to gift prepaid subscriptions and store items at the holidays and for birthdays. We just didn't need anymore toys!!! Their products and crates are engaging, educational, and different than any gift someone could buy at a toy store. Plus, KiwiCo keeps track of any kits your child has already received, so even if someone else orders them the same subscription line, you won't get any kits that overlap!

This summer we were looking for projects to do in addition to their monthly crates. We started checking out the KiwiCo Store, which has tons of individual toys, crates, and experiment kits to shop from. 

Our first order was a huge success! We bought three different things.

When i saw this set of wooden Letter and Number stamps, the first thing I thought was "these will be perfect for play dough!" The set includes all 26 letters and numbers 0-9 so the possibilities are endless. We worked on spelling our name, counting, and how to form two digit numbers.

When we were cleaning them up, my son said he loved putting them back into the box because it was like a puzzle...he then proceeded to empty and replace the stamps 4 times. So I mean, I'll count that as a 2-for-1 toy I guess! 

preschooler abc 123 letter number stamps name kiwico set

bath bomb kit kiwi co
My boys absolutely love a fancy bath. They are huge fans of bubble baths, bath bombs, and candle lit, glow stick (what can I say, they get it from their mama!). I knew this kit would be a HUGE hit because 1. It was a fun "science project" and 2. it would make bath time special and fun!

Guess what, I was right. My oldest found out they also have a space themed bath bomb kit so let's just say Santa may jump on that one!

preschooler kiwico bath bomb kit

Fold and Play Fliers Kit

fold and fly fliers airplane kit

My oldest son saw a Peppa Pig episode recently where Peppa was making paper airplanes. Obviously that caused him to NEED to make paper airplanes immediately. We had fun using printer paper, but when I saw this kit and everything it included I was sold! Lots of different types of fliers, color changing markers to decorate, and clear instructions for kids and parents.

We also used this kit as an opportunity to discuss the topics KiwiCo explains can be explored when using this set, which include "How Planes Fly," "Thrust & Lift," and "Engineering with Paper."

fliers airplane kit kiwico

Safe to say, we LOVED the items we bought and will definitely be shopping again soon!

Whether you're interested in the subscription or individual products from the KiwiCo store, there is something for every age and interest.

Use code "SCHOOL" for 15% off any subscription!

You can check out the KiwiCo Store here!

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