Invitation to Create

Need some mommy or daddy time?
Need to get tasks done around the house?
Conference call you need to be on but someone is home sick?

This super fast and easy idea is for you! Let’s talk about a magical concept: Invitation to Create
farm kit invitation to create

An Invitation to Create is when a child is provided open-ended materials to engage with in a creative way with little direction. That's it! There’s no right or wrong way to play with a Mix it Up Dough play dough kit and that is the only material you need!
Invitations to Create can hold children's attention because they are in total control of the open-ended materials and their imagination is boundless. It is also a great way to teach children to play independently.
All you have to do is set out the kit in an area you typically play or do crafts. The key here is to not point out what you are setting up!  They are much more likely to be engaged in an activity if it was their idea.

I love to set up Invitations to Create during naps, after bedtime, while they're at school, etc, so my kids can find them on their own later.
Some kids may need more direction, so go ahead and give them a few ideas and encourage them to try one. You'll be surprised at how quickly their imagination takes over!
What if I want to join my child in play?
We totally encourage this, but try not to direct them!
Grab some dough and accessories of your own so you don't interfere with their process. You need their imagination to sustain their engagement!
When interacting with your child about the activity, use open-ended questions and statements. Don’t assume you know what they’ve built - I’ve been corrected plenty of times!
  • “What are you working on?”
  • "What are you planning to do with these pieces?"
  • "Tell me more about this."
Our kits are awesome for traveling and family trips. We brought the Ice Cream and Ocean play dough kits on our beach vacation and set them out every evening. It was such a relaxing activity for the kids after a long day in the sun - and a quiet environment for us parents to make dinner for hungry, exhausted kids!
Our kits contain small pieces that are choking hazards. Items are not recommended for under 3 years old and supervision is required. Be sure to be nearby and watch your child as they play!

Mix it Up Dough kits are a useful tool for Invitations to Create and a great way for children to express themselves, feel pride, and practice independent play. We hope this gives you some time to take care of your needs while they are engaged in creating!
Try it out!
How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!
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