Benefits of Our Sensory Play Dough Kits

It's a researched fact that kids learn best through play. Mix it Up Dough's sensory play dough kits provide children with the opportunity to grow and learn through play. The benefits detailed here are the reason why our kits are so loved!

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  • Benefits of Play

    ⋄Expands imagination and creativity

    ⋄Improves language

    ⋄Encourages independence

    ⋄Fosters motor development

    ⋄Deepens socialization skills

  • Benefits of Creativity

    ⋄Stimulates curiosity

    ⋄Fosters problem solving abilities

    ⋄Cultivates pride

    ⋄Boosts mood

    ⋄Alleviates stress & anxiety

  • Benefits of Sensory Materials

    ⋄Improves fine motor skills

    ⋄Encourages mindfulness & focus

    ⋄Supports language development

    ⋄Engages all senses

    ⋄Limitless imaginative play

Parents love these kits for so many reasons!


Independent play

The biggest advantage of all! Encourage independent play with creativity. Their imaginations take over and they will be content in their own world while you take some time to tend to your needs and to-do list.



Play dough is a quiet, calming sensory activity. Whether you’re working together or each working on your own creation, the calm environment allows for great conversation and collaboration!


Feel Good

Sensory kits are developmentally supportive & provide screen-free entertainment. No parent guilt here!



Quick to set up & clean up!


Try a kit today and let us know what benefits you see! 

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