Play Dough Hide and Seek

Looking for another engaging way for your child to use their Mix it Up Dough play dough kit? This one is quick, easy, and fun!

play dough ball with surprise accessories hidden inside play dough hide and seek

Play Dough Hide and Seek!

Set up: 2 minutes
Materials Needed: any Mix it Up Dough Kit dough & accessories
Length of Play: 5-15 minutes
How to Play:

  • It's simple! Use accessories from your kit and hide them in the dough
  • You can use any amount of dough or accessories - the more dough or accessories, the harder the game
  • Easy Version
    • Perfect for toddlers
    • Great for teaching counting, identifying colors & shapes, and learning words & adjectives!
    1. Hide any number of accessories in the dough
    2. Tell your child to find and remove that many pieces
      • Work on counting the pieces as they are removed
      • Encourage language skills by having your child say the color, shape, or name of the item they find!
  • Harder Version
    • Perfect for older toddlers & preschoolers
    • Great way to lengthen time of play
    1. Make note of which accessories you hide
    2. Tell your child a specific piece to find and have them attempt to find it only through touch
    3. Remove it from the dough and continue until all pieces are removed
      • Ask them or talk about what that item may feel like while they squish through the dough
  • Variable Difficulty
    • Up the pressure and add a time limit!
    • Tell your child how many items there are & how fast they need to find them

    Try it today and let us know how it went!
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